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                        2012 Koi Show Judges


        Henry Culpepper -ZNA Candidate Judge,  Ray Jordan -ZNA Local Certified Judge,  Dick Thomas -Show Chairman


Ray Jordan
ZNA Local Certified Judge


San Antonio, Texas

Size of Pond:9,000 gallons, gunite with two bottom drains and underground filter pit. Oversized (34 cubic feet) filtration system using settlement vortexes, moving bed filters, bubble bead filter, Japanese matting, and DIY trickle tower Year Certified as AKCA Judge 2007 Years in Hobby: since 1992 Affiliated Club: TEXAS KOI & FANCY GOLDFISH SOCIETY since 1993. Club positions held: President, Show Chairman, Newsletter Editor, AKCA Rep, Webmaster, and Treasurer. Related Activities: Frequent speaker at club meetings, koi shows, and seminars. Topics Intro to koi, Pond & Filtration design, Traveling & Buying Koi In Japan, Selecting Baby Koi With High Potential, Koi History& Genealogy, Judging Koi, Unique & Beautiful Koi, Koi Feeding to maximize growth and health, Quarantine & Filter System Design And Procedures, Netting and Transporting Koi, Koi Health, Pond Construction & Filtration. Three trips to Japan to visit koi breeders and buy koi. Articles published in KOIUSA & Mid Atlantic Koi magazine , and koi club newsletters. Certified Advanced Koi Health Advisor. Shown koi at every TKFGS show since 1993. Numerous Texas & Oklahoma shows, San Diego Show, and 2003 All Japan Combined Nishikigoi Show. Helped organize AKCA Project KHV and served as Fund-Raising Chairman until 2006. Accomplishments: Special Recognition Awards And Koi Person Of The Year Awards From TKFGS. Grand Champion Awards At 2002 KWGCNT And 2003 TKFGS Shows. 1st Place & 2nd Place Awards at 2003 All Japan Show. Became a certified KHA in 2003 and Advanced KHA in 2006. I have judged koi shows all over the US and the 2006 Dutch National Koi Show in Holland.




Henry Culpepper
ZNA Candidate Judge




Orlando, Florida

Size of Pond: 12,300 gallons Entered AKCA judging program in 2005 Years in hobby: since 1999 Affiliated Club and how many years: Orlando Koi Club since 1999, ZNA Southern Koi Association (Co-Founder) since 2003 Positions held in club: President and AKCA Rep of Orlando Koi Club, Vice President of ZNA Southern Koi Association, Show Chairman of Central Florida Koi Show. Program Director Other Koi related activities: Written articles for club newsletter, given many Koi health related, water quality, filtration, show preparation and Koi related trip presentations. Appeared in several local TV shows and newspaper articles discussing the hobby. Certified AKCA Koi Health Advisor. Helped many club members with Koi health issues, pond filtration upgrades and new pond design. Accomplishments: 4 Grand Champions, 3 Grand Champion B, 2 Reserve Champions, Mature Champion, Young Champion and numerous Best in Size and Best in Variety. Koi Person of the Year for Orlando Koi Club and ZNA Southern Koi Association.. 4 Koi of the Year nominations.