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                        2017 Koi Show Judges


Hongman Leung - Head Judge


  Guangdong China

ZNA Guangdong Chapter President.

Occupation: Pharmacist, drug manufacturer

Started keeping koi in 1992.  Currently I have 6 ponds, with a total of 550 tons, or about 138,000 US gallons.

Koi show awards: Grand Champion - 2007 Guangdong ZNA, Grand Champion B 2007 Shanghai Koi Show, 2nd Asia Cup Adult Champion B

Judging experience: Fully Certified ZNA Judge in 2015, have judged numerous koi shows all over the world, including the USA, Holland, Japan, Singapore, Taiwan, South Africa, and many shows in China.



Jackson Chen - Candidate Judge

San Francisco, California

Started Koi hobby in 1996 as a member of the San Francisco Bay Area Koi Club, joining ZNA Nor Cal 2007.  I currently have a 10,000 gal pond in my back yard. 

Awards my koi have won:  Grand Champion at ZNA Nor Cal Young Koi Show, Grand Champion at Bakersfield Koi and Water Garden Show, and best in size (75 bu) class in the 52nd 2016  ZNA International All Japan Show. 

As Candidate Judge I have judged in Taiwan, Thailand, and China.